Go With Your Gut

Welcome to Go With Your Gut.
Go With Your Gut is my signature “work”. I developed this process in 1997 and self-published the first edition in 2004. I am writing the 2nd edition and my right-hand, Kelly, has me on a strict deadline to have it finished by March 31.

I enjoy presenting Go With Your Gut to groups because it always turns out to be a lively and interactive discussion. We often hear people say they went with their Gut but, I haven’t found in any book or presentation the how-to.

I demonstrate, using three white boards,
* The three places we make decisions from
* The “voice” of each place
* Why confusion is a good thing
I use stories, examples and audience feedback to encourage trusting oneself more than they trust anyone else, and how to exactly do that.

After the presentation participants will:
Know how to make any benign or critical decision without angst
Have more clarity which will give them more confidence to make decisions with conviction which will to lead to a more courageous approach to the choices we make.